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Eindgebruikers moeten erop kunnen vertrouwen dat installateurs beschikken over een hoge mate van kennis en een professionele manier van werken. Om dit te laten zien aan je klanten bieden wij je nu samen met Ajax Systems de mogelijkheid om je te laten certificeren door Ajax Systems. Om een gecertifieerd partner te worden moet je aan bepaalde voorwaarden voldoen en wordt je kennis getest. Lees in dit document meer over alle gestelde voorwaarden. Wil je meer weten of heb je hulp nodig? Neem dan contact op met onze sales afdeling.

AJAX Authorized Installer Agreement

1. Installer authorization
In order to comply with the conditions of use of AJAX TM, as well as maintain a high standard of
quality customer service, Ajax Systems Group (hereinafter also referred to as “Ajax Systems” and/or
“AJAX”) developed an installer authorization system.

This is necessary to comply with the quality of customer service, as well as the correct design of the
resources on which the equipment of AJAX TM is presented.

Authorization Procedure:

  • Send the request to Become an Authorized Installer to responsible manager of Ajax Systems: marketing@ajax.systems;
  • Receive and pass on-line test with no less than 80% correct answers;
  • Send the results of test confirmation;
  • Fulfill and prove the minimum installer requirements specified in clause 5;
  • Fix with official AJAX Distributor (-s) the commercial and logistics terms and conditions;
  • Follow the rules of presentation of AJAX TM in on-line and offline resources (the rules are described below);
  • Sign the AJAX Authorized Installer Agreement;
  • Obtain a standard Certificate;
  • Be added to Ajax Systems official website “Where to Buy” page.

2. Terms of use of AJAX TM in joint marketing activities

2.1. Any marketing activity that mentions Ajax Systems and / or AJAX TM products must be agreed in writing with Ajax Systems. Advertising materials containing intellectual property of Ajax Systems are also subject to mandatory approval. E-mail address for approval:marketing@ajax.systems.

2.2. It is not allowed to sell, advertise or do any kind of marketing activity that mentions Ajax Systems and / or AJAX TM products combined with other brands or products without written approval from Ajax Systems. It may cause damage to Ajax Systems reputation or mislead customers about Ajax Systems policy, strategy, product quality and intended purpose of the product.

3. Online and offline installers representation

3.1. Online and offline representation of the installer company should clearly state the essence of the relationship between the installer company and the manufacturer at Ajax Systems Group and should not mislead customers about the status of
cooperation. Communications (texts, images, etc.) that may be perceived by the customer as belonging directly to the
manufacturer are prohibited for use.
3.2. Ajax Systems prohibits the use of the name “Ajax” and its derivatives in the domain and subdomain (subdomain) name, but allows its use when creating a site folder. For example, it is forbidden to use: ajax.tech, securityajax.org, security.ajax.com, beveiliging.ajax.com and so on. it is allowed to use: name.domain / ajax. It is also forbidden to use the name of Ajax Systems products and software (and its derivatives) in the name of the domain, subdomain (subdomain) name of the site. For example,
spacecontrol.org is forbidden, name.domain / starterkit is allowed.
3.3. Ajax Systems prohibits the use of the name “Ajax” and its derivatives, as well as the name of Ajax Systems products and
software and their derivatives in the names of social media pages.
3.4. Ajax Systems prohibits the use of non-existent partner statuses, such as “Brand Store”, “Official Seller”, “Official Dealer”, “Exclusive Distributor”, etc. The status “Authorized Installer” is allowed to be used (after successful passing of the authorization procedure).
3.5. All online and offline materials must be co-branded and have:
3.5.1. AJAX manufacturer’s logo with the status of “Authorized Installer” and the installer’s logo.
3.5.2. or a separate “Authorized Installer” logo.
3.6. Ajax Systems prohibits altering or removing the “Ajax” logo from images of AJAX products.
3.7. AJAX Authorized installer will never use, print or affix the AJAX logo without the prior written consent of AJAX.
3.8. AJAX Authorized Installers should strictly follow AJAX Brand guidelines: https://brand.ajax.systems/en/

4. Minimum Authorized Installer requirements

4.1. Installer commits to buy Ajax Systems products from conscientious sellers capable of confirming that they sell AJAX products in compliance with all the rules and regulations, including no breach of AJAX intellectual property rights; and causing no harm to AJAX reputation by their respective sales.
4.2. Installer commits to create a web-page of Ajax Systems on its web-site based on AJAX guidelines and support,
4.3. Installer commits to build a booth of AJAX products, as a showroom for the clients at its own expense.
4.4. Installer commits to provide technical warranty and RMA support to his clients.
4.5. Installer shall do the minimum Ajax Systems Sale-in not less than 20 000 EURO per year. The year means a period of 12
(twelve) months beginning on the Effective Date and each subsequent anniversary thereof. The Effective date is the date on which Ajax Systems and Installer sign this Agreement.
4.6. Installer shall have at least one employee duly certified in compliance with the local laws to install security systems. The
respective document (certificate) shall be valid and provided upon request any time during the term of the agreement validity.

5. Benefits of AJAX Authorized Installer Agreement signing

5.1. Access to Ajax Systems brand book;
5.2. Access to developed templates for marketing materials (flyers, boards, social networks);
5.3. Adding to the official AJAX web site in the section “where to buy?”;
5.4. Obtaining an Authorized Installer certificate;
5.5. Advantage of being the first to receive the products and features newsletters;
5.6. Access to webinars including new products and features.

6. This Agreement may be unilaterally terminated by AJAX upon written notice to be sent by the later in case the Authorized Installer fails to comply with this Agreement.

The procedure is as follows:

AJAX sends written notice to the Authorized Installer claiming to cease the breach of the terms of this Agreement. Unless the Authorized Installer complies with such a request within 2 (two) business days AJAX reserves the right to:

• Remove the Authorized Installer from the list of the Authorized Installers on its website;
• Deny the access to Ajax Systems brand book;
• Deny the access to Ajax Systems marketing materials and deny the rights to use them;
• Cancel the Authorized Installer certificate and deny to use it;
• Deny the access to Ajax Systems webinars.

The above, however, does not limit the right of the Authorized Installer to apply repeatedly to AJAX for the authorization procedure set in cl. 1 of this Agreement. Such application may take place not earlier than 3 month after the breach of the terms of this Agreement.

Download onderstaande PDF welke u kunt tekenen en retourneren naar verkoop@dero-security.com

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